The objective of the non-governmental organization Purt is to create a network of activists from the locals in the Roma inhabited settlements of Gömör and Nógád regions. We are looking for people that can represent the interests and problems of the local Roma communities – be it local politicians, civil activists or simply concerned citizens. Purt has regular meetings where the representatives of the settlements meet. Although we talk about small problems, they are often much to the local’s annoyance, who would not be able to resolve them alone. After a constructive discussion the members of Purt draw up a list with the most pressing issues that are directly resolvable, together with proposed solutions to them.

Purt presents the list to its partners – including Most-Híd – that can support the realization of projects in different ways. After pooling resources the activists of Purt implement the projects locally, with the involvement of local workforce, local companies, local governments and citizens. In the past two years Purt has realized successful projects in more than 50 settlements. The meetings held every one and a half month attract more and more activists, and the number of successful projects has exceeded 200. In our view Purt is a good example that with minimal support we can achieve big things. We only need the will and enthusiasm…

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